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A must have for all travelers

We bought this camera as we frequently travel, and wanted something more then using the iPad to FaceTime our phone to keep an eye on our 1 year old when she sleeps. The compact camera, adjustable arm that can attach to anything and the convenience of this camera is like no other! I did have a few issues starting the camera up when I received it, but the customer service was a 12/10 helping me get it up and running and also replying outside of business hours which I really appreciated the support and help.
The quality of the camera is very clear from day and night, and the case it comes in is hard so it won’t get damaged in your luggage
I highly recommend this product to everyone who travels and also wants a camera that’s easy to use, it’s a must buy!

Spare Rockit Bracket

Fast, swift delivery which is perfect when you have a new baby and need the Rockit to be able to be used in multiple locations. Does the job perfectly. Would highly recommend this company

Silicone Dummy Clip
Michelle Pejovic
Very cute

Well made and easy to use! Fast delivery and quality product.


Have used this daily since it arrived. Prevents baby from waking when I stop in shops to queue and also in cafes when having a coffee. 100% recommend to anyone.


Love it

Great product!

We’ve had the Zed for a week now and bub is sleeping so much better overnight and even helps with daytime naps. Love it so much have decided it will become my go to baby shower gift for friends and family. Everyone with a little one could benefit from using this to help soothe baby to a deeper more relaxed sleep.

My Carry Potty®
Jess Griffiths

It’s exactly how you picture it to be, sturdy and light and perfect travel potty!

Hi Jess. I checked your order and see that we sent it out the same day you ordered, 22 Feb. There was an attempted delivery on the 27 Feb, and no-one was home and it was decided taken to local Post Office, and it seems to only have been collected yesterday 4 Mar. Please confirm that you have received it now. Once we send out a parcel, its out of our hands. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Just what we needed - thank you

Worth every cent

My son will sleep 2-3 hrs in his pram over lunch with the Rockit on so we can have a meal in peace and quiet with all hands free. Best purchase ever.

Great product, quick turnaround from store

Great product - had used with older child and decided to order one for my youngest now. I was struggling to find the 'Pink Bunny' in stock anywhere, until I found Ollie + Zara Thanks to the store for shipping so quickly, the product arrived within 2 days (to regional NSW)!

Shark Bath Mates (Damaged Packaging)
Wendy Lamberth
My Grandchildren love these

Kids love water play and these little cuties are great for bathtime water play.

Cute and clean

My twins love these toys and it’s easy to keep them clean. No mould on the inside because you can open it up and clean them well. Good toy to teach many different skills as well.

Haven’t received them yet

Not received yet

Recipient hasn’t received the package yet…..

Great product and somewhat of a lifesaver for us and our fussy bub. Super handy if you want to be able to eat a meal in peace while out and about!

They’re really safe and durable. Also love the colour

Nesting balls

Very cute and easy to clean. The seal is quite strong, too hard for our bub to open atm. We just seperate open them all and turn them into individual balls or stack the halves. You can hide things in the bigger ones to make sound too.

The most beautiful bath toy I have ever found !

I have bought a number of these for gifts and they have been sooooo well received. Unique, high quality and oh so cute . Great for all ages . My 9 year old saw them and wanted to play with them! I love how easy they are to clean and mould resistant . Honestly you will not be disappointed! Thank you Ollie and Zara, just the best .


I used it in the pram or bassinet, and it works really well to settle the baby in the early stage of sleep or transition time if you are trying not to pick the baby up to sleep training.
The delivery was very quick

Perfect gift!

The team were so helpful in organising gift wrapping and a special note for a friend! Thank you for making it easy :)

Wish I had one for my first baby

Absolutely love the coverall bib, it's cute, easy to clean, attached to our target 'stacka' style high chair easy. My baby wore it without fuss and it passed the spaghetti Bolognaise test, after wiping his hands and face that's the only clean down I needed to do, no Bolognaise on his clothes at all!!

Excellent customer service

I originally wrote a negative review of the Rockit as it wasn’t working overly well.

Was contacted that day by customer service who identified mine was faulty and sent me a new one with free postage. It was simply a faulty one and I was so impressed with how I was treated and how easily the issue was solved.

Happy with my purchase now!

Hi Maddison, we are really sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Rockit. In terms of the strap, they have recently upgraded their strap design because the original quick release would come loose over time due to the rocking motion, and the new screw mechanism design means it's a lot more sturdy. Yes the new strap may take slightly longer to fasten but that's why we suggest having a second strap.

In regards to the rocking itself, we have used this product for more than 3 years ourselves and have never been able to turn it up to full rocking speed because the rocking action would become too intense. The fact that you are describing the rocking motion as more of a vibration makes me think that your product may have a fault. The motion would definitely be described as rocking not vibrating. Please contact us so that we can arrange a replacement which I am sure you will be satisfied with.

Have not used yet