The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara
The Rockit RECHARGEABLE Baby Rocker - Ollie+Zara

Rockit RECHARGEABLE - Baby Pram Rocker

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After 2 years of development, the much-anticipated multi award winning Rockit Rechargeable Baby Pram Rocker is finally here and is a must have baby accessory for parents on the go. It will safely rock your baby and keep your baby moving and snoozing for longer.

Simply attach the Rockit Rechargeable to your pram or stroller, adjust the rocking speed to suit your pram and baby and push the button. The new and improved bracket will allow you to easily position the Rockit Rechargeable in the upright position - always facing the sky, to allow for the best rock and battery life of the Rockit.

Does your baby wake up as soon as the pram or stroller stops moving? Have restaurant meals gone cold because you’ve had to jiggle the pram?

Rockit can help with these situations, and many more!

Freedom to enjoy a meal or a coffee in peace, navigate airport queues, or shop with ease!

One Giant Sleep for Babykind!  

New Rockit Model - USB rechargeable 

  • Rocks any pram or stroller
  • Improved 60min gentle rocking cycle with an adjustable speed 
  • Portable design - use it and take it anywhere
  • Simulates gentle hand rocking of a stroller
  • Suitable for use from birth
  • Showerproof for use outdoors
  • 12-month warranty
  • Quiet motor
  • Safety tested to EU/USA and international standards by Intertek
  • Dimensions: 155x86x95mm
  • NEW Rotating Bracket - TIP: if you have more than one pram or stroller we recommend purchasing a second bracket so that you can leave the bracket attached
  • *Runs for over 12hrs on one charge and takes approx. 5hrs to fully charge.
  • Please be advised the Rockit is not designed to be used on a bassinet or cot.
*As tested by Ollie+Zara on half speed

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Rockit Rechargeable Baby Rocker
  • 1 x Rockit rotating bracket
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x instruction manual


Why do we love the Rockit so much? 

Tried and Tested 
Here at Ollie+Zara we are big fans of the Rockit! We were introduced to the Rockit when our youngest Zara was a baby, a long time before we started Ollie+Zara. Honestly it was a game changer for us when we realised we didn’t have to rock the pram ourselves anymore, and yes we are still using the same Rockit over 2 1/2 years later! It was actually one of the first products we started stocking at Ollie+Zara as we were so passionate about it and believe every parent should have one. These days now we have 2 - our old Rockit Original on our stroller and the new Rockit Rechargeable on our pram, so we always have one while out and about which I know is a bit of a luxury, but when you sell them, it is an important part of the job to do ‘product testing’. 

We believe the Rockit Rechargeable is a must have accessory for every parent as it literally saves your sanity. It not only helps your baby go to sleep, especially when you do the dreaded car to pram transfer and they start to stir, but it also helps your baby to stay asleep for longer. It works so well that I remember Zara would start to stir if the Rockit stopped and we weren’t quick enough to turn it back on again (the old Rockit only had a 30min run cycle, whereas the new has a 60min run cycle which is so much better).

The Rockit also means you can be hands free and it doesn’t matter if you stop (especially when shopping, trying on clothes, attending appointments or standing in queues), your baby won’t even notice as they are still being gently rocked. It’s also a life saver when you are sitting having a bite to eat or a coffee with friends.

Improved Rechargeable Version
The new USB Rockit Rechargeable in our opinion is a much improved version (yes we were also sceptical) but we were really blown away after we tested it ourselves that after one 5hr charge it lasted over 12hrs of continuous rocking before needing to be charged. It means no more having to open the unit with a screwdriver to replace the batteries either and these days a USB charging point is pretty easy to find if you need it.

New Rockit Bracket 
The new and improved Rockit bracket is also a game changer. It means the Rockit is always able to point up to the sky (rotating bracket) to ensure the best rock and longevity of battery. It also makes the Rockit a whole lot more secure and less likely to loosen over time as it’s a screw on fastener mechanism. However this also means that it takes a little more effort to remove in case you wanted to swap it between a pram and stroller for example, so for this reason we do recommend purchasing a second Rockit bracket.

Rocking Motion
In terms of the rocking speed, I have never used it anywhere close to full speed, probably more like 1/3 speed as it’s pretty powerful and the best part is that it really is quiet. I love watching people’s faces when they look over and realise the pram is moving by itself! Well I could keep going on and on about how much I love it, but don’t just take our word for it, try it out today. We really hope you love the new USB Rockit Rechargeable as much as we do.

Customer Reviews

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Have used this daily since it arrived. Prevents baby from waking when I stop in shops to queue and also in cafes when having a coffee. 100% recommend to anyone.

Charlotte James


Stacey Davies
Worth every cent

My son will sleep 2-3 hrs in his pram over lunch with the Rockit on so we can have a meal in peace and quiet with all hands free. Best purchase ever.

Emma Hethetington
Not received yet

Recipient hasn’t received the package yet…..


Great product and somewhat of a lifesaver for us and our fussy bub. Super handy if you want to be able to eat a meal in peace while out and about!

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